About Delupe



Delupe is a product and price comparison website. We would like to give you an accurate picture of the offers on any product you are looking for.

We search, find and compare the best prices in a variety of different categories. That way, we can help you save money on your next purchase.

Delupe includes products and prices from more than 330 different online stores with over 1 million products.

Serious & Free

The Internet offers great opportunities. But unfortunately, the Internet has also become a focus area for companies with malicious intentions, and all more or less obscure concepts have the same purpose: to cheat you as a consumer and make money from this.

This is still happening on websites with creative auction forms, illogical requirements and other cheeky concepts that all entice with great deals and extremely low prices. Prices, however, always turn out to be incorrect.

Delupe keeps distance from this business model. We only want to find and compare prices and products from reputable stores, which, by abiding to the rules, ensure you a safe trade.

We are constantly working on developing our service, including more stores and improving your experience, in order to help you in the best possible way.

Delupe is, of course, completely free for you as a consumer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the user’s preferred product and price comparison website. Therefore, we are glad to accept suggestions for improvements so that our service is as good as possible.

We hope Delupe can help you find the best deals and prices for exact product you are looking for.

Feel free to spread the message about Delupe to friends and acquaintances. Only in this way, we can make all stores aware of our service, ensuring that we always find the best deals.

Happy Searching & Good Shopping!